Terms of use of the site

All users who wish to subscribe and purchase from the site must complete the content of this agreement and then subscribe to and purchase from the site. To subscribe to or purchase from this site is to study and accept the terms of purchase and membership and relevant laws and regulations.

* Paragraph 1
Note 1

Only the natural persons have the right to subscribe to the site.

Note 2

The membership fee on the site is based on the acceptance and application of the terms of the agreement and is by no means accepted.

Note 3

The user must maintain his password and username, and if he forgets it, he can apply for a new password and registration.

Note 4

The user must correctly declare his / her email address along with other requested information and is responsible for the incorrect or illegal recording of the user responsibility.

Note 5

The site is free to subscribe to.

Note 6

Because in some cases the buyer authentication is possible through the given name on the site, the responsibility for any conflicts with the specification above with the actual identity of the member is for the individuals themselves and the company has no responsibility for possible contradictions.

* Section 2

The user is responsible for the maintenance of all phones, computer hardware, and other essential tools for accessing and using this site and all related costs, and the firmware of Aniak Kish is not responsible for any damage caused by the user tools.

* Section 3

Persons over 18 years of age have all the rights to join and conduct a transaction (purchase) on the site.

Note 1

Membership is valid for people between the ages of 15 and 18 with the permission of the guardian or the guardian. People under the age of 15 do not have the right to join the Hipi site.

Note 2

Compliance with the provisions of this article and the accuracy of the provision of information is the responsibility of the customer (member) and has no responsibility in this regard.

* Section 4

Member has the right to purchase from the site after subscribing and obtaining a password and password.

* Section 5

The user purchase process is as follows:
Part I:
Visit the project and services provided on the site
second part:
Payment of a specified amount (or discount) online to the account of the company (contracting)
The company maintains and maintains all information provided by members of the user, including received and received information, so that it can be protected if there is any danger to a copy.

* Section 6

The user should not post comments on the site (the forum or any other part) or take any actions that indicate the violation of the rights of other persons or the conduct of the offenders. Also, users should not comment on religious affairs and politics on this site. If any of the users do not comply with this article, they will be fired immediately from the site and, if they have done so, the funds will not be refunded to them. Also, the user (s) will lose any right to use this site.