Hiring new employees

Mehraein Sperlos Co. is involved in completing its power in Iran and establishing its new branch in Europe from among the experienced and specialized experts in more than 15 technical and engineering career lines.

It should be noted that the company Mehraein Sperlos, with its expert and expert forces, and its commitment to scientific advancement to world-class technology based on the global standard and the strengthening of designing-regulatory and regulatory sectors, has been an effective step in the growth of the construction culture from the traditional to Industrial mode is taken.

It points out that human  knowledge is the base of the company's core capital. To increase its growth and increase its capital, the company aims to provide an appropriate work environment based on the performance-development of cultural-welfare benefits-increasing opportunities for job security for employees. Capable and specially designed to enhance human resource productivity - Establishing an organizational culture based on loyalty and protecting the knowledge of the company is at the heart of our attention.