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Benefits of registering a company in Armenia
Armenia is a neighboring country of northern Iran, so access to this country will be possible both on land and in the air.
By investing through the registration of companies in Armenia, you can easily get rid of the facilities created by sanctions in Iran. One of these facilities is the possibility of opening a personal and corporate bank account and receiving a master card and a visa card.
The duration of registration of a company in Armenia is 2 days, which is much less than the registration of a company or institution in Iran.
By registering a company in Armenia, you can stay in residence for you and your family members without any restrictions.
In addition to enjoying citizenship rights, the benefits of obtaining residency in Armenia will be easier for the citizens of the United States and Canada.
By registering a company in Armenia, you can buy a property, apartment, car, or anything else in your name.
It should be explained that the cost of living in Armenia is much lower than in Iran.
Another major advantage of registering a company in Armenia is your direct presence with our lawyers in Yerevan in all stages of registration in Armenia.

Stay by registering the company the best and the shortest way
Those who register in Armenia (by the end of 1392 and only US $ 1,000) can receive a one-year temporary stay from the police station after 24 working days (at a separate cost of $ 250 per person to be directly paid for The Police Department will be charged + $ 20 for the payment of AIDS and hepatitis each person to be paid to the hospital. However, please note that the Armenian Police Department is separate from our collection and we will complete your work and respond It is with their own decision! They do not allow us to lay down new laws and ... and they will not allow us from any other person or company), and if it is true, The tax and failure, or a history of abuse during the first year of a new one-year residence card will be awarded. After two years of using the one-year residence, the Armenian government will give you a five-year residence, which in no way means a Armenian or Armenian passport or second citizenship!
But you may be allowed to apply for a passport at this time, 100% depending on the laws of the country of Armenia at that time and your conditions, and the Armenian government will refuse or accept any offer independent of any company or person or group!
A five-year stay will allow you to work in peace in Armenia and extend your residency every 5 years. You can enter and leave Armenia frequently and do not have a visa. In Iran, you do not get the consequences of leaving your country. Banks treat you like Armenian citizens and may even be able to get a loan. You can buy a home and ... But no third country has a nationality other than your nationality!
Registration process in Armenia
1. Visit to OVIR
2. Settlement of the lease contract for the legal registration of the company
3. Refer to the Registry and register the company and set the statute
4. Refer to the tax office of the place of work with the lease of the workplace and the company's articles of association for obtaining the code and the permit for the company's seal
5. Referring to the company's sealed place
6. Registration at the Pension Office
7. Providing Casa and Plumbing at the Tax Office
8. Refer to the bank and create a bank account and confirm the signature of the bank card in the presence and confirmation of the card at the tax office
9. Refer to customs by introducing the name to open the file for import and export
10. For registration of companies in Armenia, it is possible to provide office address both physically and physically.
Documents required for registration in Armenia
1. Copy the passport of all members of the company
2. The necessary documents for the registration of the company in Armenia by the person
• A. Application for the establishment of a limited liability company.
• B- To determine the name of the company for inquiry into the Republic of Armenia Patent Office, the Registration Department of the company.
• A shareholder meeting form that specifies the shares of each member and the company's activities as well as the selection of the company's managing director.
T- The official translation of the passport of each of the shareholders and the director of the company for submission to the register